Home and business alarms and monitoring

Alarm monitoring, installation, service and repair.

At TechSecure we belive a reliable, low maintenance, loud audible alerting burglar alarm system is the most cost effective security you can install in your home or business.

Whilst there has been unprecedented growth in the uptake of CCTV systems in the recent past – quite simply – a camera system alone simply cannot provide the higher level protection of a good burglar alarm system. Criminals who break into premises nearly always rely on stealth – they try to make as little noise as possible so as not to alert occupants or neighbours.

A good alarm system blows their cover in one very loud instant. A camera system whilst being great for gathering evidence – cannot provide this #1 feature.

Simply put – burglars and intruders don’t hang around once the outside siren is alerting everyone close by.

TechSecure has been installing alarm systems since 2001. As our valued customers, we believe in handling all of your alarm needs personally and look forward to discussing which system is best for your particular needs.

There is no one size fits all solution for an alarm system. We don’t install “pre packaged kits” from suppliers. We prefer to sit down with you and actually discuss your needs.

We can provide a simple $500 alarm system, a moderate home or small office package with smartphone alerts from $1300 to $2500 – or you may require something considerably more complex that can interface with other equipment.

We offer full installation, with a minimum 2 years warranty –  and ongoing support and service.

We guarantee the highest quality workmanship combined with the highest quality equipment, accompanied by knowledge gained from many years of experience in this field.

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